NYPD gives green light to two Ridge security cameras

The NYPD has approved two security camera locations in Bay Ridge, this paper learned as it went to press.

Residents have been calling for the installation of the ARGUS cameras, which can provide surveillance for a five-block radius, after an uptick in drug-related activity in upper Bay Ridge, near Fifth Avenue.

The two locations will be on Fifth Avenue at 72nd and 76th Streets.

“These state-of-the-art cameras will significantly enhance the crime-fighting efforts on our streets,” said Councilmember Vincent Gentile. “I am pleased that the NYPD is moving forward and by approving the installation at these two sites, I am hoping that the cameras I funded in the budget a year ago will soon be a reality.”

Gentile allocated $100,000 in last year’s city budget for these cameras. State Senator Marty Golden has also called for the cameras.

“There is no disputing that surveillance cameras are extremely important in this day and age, and have completely revolutionized the way crimes are solved, so this site approval by the NYPD is a big step towards making our streets safer,” Gentile said.

More details to follow.

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