Greenmarket returns

As of Saturday, June 1, Bay Ridge’s Greenmarket is open for business! GrowNYC, Walgreens and community leaders have been collaborating to bring the outdoor market to the neighborhood for the past four years.

“The Greenmarket is symbolic of the partnership between business and community that makes Bay Ridge so successful,” said Community Board 10 Chairperson Joanne Seminara.

Councilmember Vincent Gentile referred to the market as “Bay Ridge’s town hall” at its grand opening for the 2013 season, in the Walgreen’s parking lot, located at Third Avenue and 95th Street, where it has been situated since its inception. The market will remain open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. until November 23.

Director of the Greenmarket program, Michael Hurwitz, stressed that the program ensures the small regional farms have access to buyers, and that all New Yorkers have access to regionally grown food.

“Everyone benefits; it’s a win-win,” said Hurwitz.

Manager Ally Campbell is involved with the Greenmarket movement, because of the various cultures available in Brooklyn.

“It’s like our own Epcot Center,” said Campbell.

Ridgeite Ali S. visited the Greenmarket Saturday with her two young sons.

“I’m very wary of GMOs [genetically modified organisms], and I think it’s important to eat food grown locally, to support our local farmers,” she said. “It supports a bigger community.”

The Bay Ridge Greenmarket features scrumptious selections from American Seafood, Apple State Hill Top Family Farm, Bread Alone, Jersey Farm, Millport Dairy, and Toigo Orchards. Greenmarkets have been around since 1976, and now operated 54 markets, with over 230 family farms and fisherman participating in the movement.

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