Salute to Old Glory and those who fought for it

In light of Flag Day and the 238th birthday of the United States Army, Ridgeites honored those who are serving and have served in our nation’s military, in Cannonball Park – more properly known as John Paul Jones Park — at 101st Street and Fourth Avenue on Saturday afternoon, June 15.

Women, children, servicemembers, musicians and family pets listened to speakers such as Congressmember Michael Grimm, a former Marine, and State Senator Martin Golden – the event’s sponsor – give patriotic speeches, followed by musical performances by the New York String Society and Statue of Liberty Band.

“What’s unique about the United States flag is that it means as much to us Americans as it does throughout the entire world,” Grimm noted.

“When I see the red stripes, it reminds me of the blood that we shed and the tremendous sacrifice of those that went before to provide us all the things that we have today,” he went on. “The white symbolizes the pureness of our intentions to make others’ lives better. And lastly, blue reminds me of the blueness of the sky, that this nation was formed in a belief in God and that God is always with us as Americans.”

Connie Ranocchia, 59, vice commander of the Kings County American Legion, is a “Vietnam Era” veteran. “There’s nothing greater than doing service for your country. This country always offered my family every possibility imaginable,” said Spain-born Ranocchia.

Golden told the many onlookers, “Today, we come together to celebrate our flag which is a symbol of hope and freedom throughout the world. This right to freedom is one that all humanity strives for, which is why so many come to America from all over the world seeking a better life for them and their family.”

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