It’s a slam dunk for Sunset Hoops

Young basketball players involved in the Sunset Hoops basketball league received some special assistance from the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday, June 8.

The Sunset Hoops/Brooklyn Nets league assisted the Nets when they were looking to be accepted in Brooklyn, through aiding with petitions, and rallies.

“We were there for them when they were trying to get established in Brooklyn. In return [The Nets] would do clinics for us and give us tickets to games,” said Joe Cucco, the league’s co-founder.

The financial support provided by the Brooklyn Nets went towards jerseys, two electronic scoreboards, and trophies.

The summer league, which has been around for ten years, consists of 18 teams, with players ranging from 13 to 19 years old. They play every Saturday at Leif Ericson Park.

Sunset Hoops is in need of volunteer coaches, and is always welcoming to new players. For more information, visit their Facebook page, “Sunset Hoops.”

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