St. A’s celebrates 100th anniversary with fanfare

St. Athanasius Church celebrated its 100th year anniversary on Friday afternoon, June 21, attracting the younger generation with things that would appeal to them.

“I felt the 100th year had to do something with kids, and keeping young people connected to the church, and the only way to do it was doing something that appeals to them–music, shows, rides, lights and all that—which is in that category,” said Monsignor David Cassato.

“[This is why we tried] to bring it out and let them know that the church cares about them,” he continued.

The festivities kicked off at 5:15 p.m. with rides for the kiddies installed in the backyard of the St. Athanasius’ school. Food could be sniffed from miles away.

“It’s good for the parents to see that the church is doing things for kids and it’s not just about adults–it’s not just about fundraising–it’s about reaching out to the next generation because they are going to build the church and they are going to be the future of the church,” Cassato added.

Parishioner at the church and Director of Programming for DeSales Media, Craig Tubiolo, wants to see more kids active in church activities, he says, emphasizing the importance of getting the children involved with the Roman Catholic Church.

“I want kids to come and be inspired—to see that church is kind of fun,” he stressed.

3-D projection—also known as 3-D mapping—finalized the celebrations including fireworks after sunset. A youth rally that took place earlier during the day also formed part of the 100th year celebration.

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