Coming to a parking spot near you

Another simple, straightforward and speedy way to navigate the city without having to own a car, is making its way to Brooklyn.

The program, Car2go, already exists successfully in major cities such as Amsterdam, London, and Washington. Once a member, you simply find a Car2go in your area, and take off.

The petite smartcars can squeeze into tiny parking spaces, while staying environmentally friendly.

Car2go guarantees that there will be a car waiting for you nearby. Once you find one, or book one online, you simply get in and go. Once you have arrived at your destination, you can either leave the vehicle for someone else to use, or take it back home. You can abandon your car2go wherever is most convenient, as long as all alternate side rules are abided by for the following two days.

Car2go costs $.38 per minute, and the electric cars have a range of around 84 miles on a full charge. The vehicles do not emit any CO2, Carbon Monoxide, soot, particulate matter or other pollutants.

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