Muffin’s Pet Connection: Cinder and Cole need a home

DARLIN’ SISTER DUO: 11-month-old CINDER and COLE are spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/FeLv. Both are in good health. They were rescued together from a construction site.

The sisters have a strong bond and must be adopted as a pair. There is $50adoption fee for each, vet records supplied. Please find it in your heart to give them a purrrever home. Contact Suprina,


LET’S HAVE A PET SAFE, FUN-HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Please be sensitive to your pets hearing and noise intolerance. Be aware thatourpets’ hearing is far greater than humans. NEVER use fireworks around pets!

Our ears’ basic function is hearing, BUT, they give us balance. Loud, gatherings of people with intense noise and high energy are very upsetting to animals. They can become anxious, nervous, pant and pace, and look to flee to a quiet place to hide.

Fireworks, exploding M80s, screeching fire engines, ambulances and police cars are detrimental to our pets’ lives. Vacuum cleaners and other noisy household appliances have high pitches that can be very uncomfortable to them. Humans and cats have a similar hearing scale. Cats are one octave above the hearing range of a dog.

FYI: Our pets live in a world very different than ours. Their instincts and senses are more advanced than humans. Their special traits — heightened hearing, excellent sight, and a dog’s keen sense of smell — decipher the world, and are beneficial in search and rescue missions. Therapy pets, who assist the handicapped, ease stress in their daily lives.


IMPORTANT WARNINGS: NEVER leave alcoholic beverageswhere your pets can drink them. Alcohol can poison pets. If ingested, animals become drunk, weak and severely depressed. A coma can follow. In severe cases, death from respiratory failure, can happen.

KEEP LIGHTER FLUID & MATCHES away from pets. Some matches contain chlorates, which could damage blood cells, causing breathing problems, or in severe cases, kidney disease.

Skin can become irritated with lighter fluid. Ingesting it can result in gastrointestinal irritation and central nervous system depression. If lighter fluid is inhaled, breathing problems and aspiration pneumonia can develop.


Hey Jude: “Why did you stop helping me? Just ’cause I said you was a jerk! Call me!” – W.

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