Ridgeites party on the Fourth

With gorgeous weather, live entertainment and burgers galore, Ridgeites showed their unparalleled patriotism at Bay Ridge’s annual Fourth of July picnic.

Over 1,000 Ridgites set up camp at Shore Road Park at 82nd Street, at the successful event hosted by Frankie Marra and Chip Cafiero.

“This event really showed how this community can come together and celebrate,” sad Marra.

Six local bands, including Rebelfish, Windsor Terrors, Blues Circus, High Tides, The Groove, and Frankie Marra and His Band performed, providing the colossal crowd with some quality live music. The family friendly event also offered face painting and rides for the youngsters spending the day with their loved ones.

Local celebrity Daniel Rodriguez, more commonly known as “The Singing Policeman” sang the Star Spangled Banner, and God Bless America in celebration of America’s 227th birthday. A moment of silence was also offered for the 19 firefighters who were killed in the Arizona wildfire in the past week.

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