Seize life by the donut with a stop at Carpe Diem

Andrew Bozzo encourages New Yorkers and Brooklynites to seize the donuts as they pass his food truck, Carpe Donut.

Ever since Bozzo tasted a friend from Virginia’s scrumptious apple cider donut specialty, he realized that quality food and a portable location was a recipe for success.

Bozzo is now the owner of his very own red food truck, which stations itself in Manhattan on weekdays, and Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Park Slope and Cobble Hill on weekends. The truck opened in May, and is proving to be a huge success.

However, Carpe Donut is more than just a shiny truck with a catchy name— the menu is streamlined so that resources can be dedicated to including only the finest ingredients into the food sold. The donuts are prepared with organic flour, local eggs, local apple cider from Duchess County, and organic spices. All donuts are cooked in 100% pure soybean oil with no hydrogenation, no trans-fats, and no shortening.

“One of the great things about the cart is that we make the donuts on the truck all day long. If you come to the cart to get a donut, it’s probably less than a half hour old,” said Bozzo.

Carpe Donut’s summer sensation, the FroDo—vanilla ice cream sandwiched in a donut—uses exclusively Blue Marble Ice Cream, a top of the line organic product, which is also based in Brooklyn.

Carpe Donut also serves up hibiscus lemonade, apple cider, and iced coffee, all perfect companions for a freshly baked apple cider donut.

Keep tabs on the elusive truck’s location by visiting

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