Brooklyn Moroccans end Ramadan with a feast of traditions

The Moroccan American House Association hosted an exquisite Ramadan Iftar on Thursday, August 1. Families, friends and elected officials came to enjoy a night of community, while feasting on a meal fit for kings.

Iftar is the evening meal where Muslims break their fast during the month of Ramadan. Guests came together at Widi Hall, 5602 Sixth Avenue, to enjoy food such as tfya, couscous and batbout bread.

“Iftar is when all of the community comes together. We are introducing our community to the American community. We’re spreading the word about Iftar and making connections with officials,” said Abedelhadi Elouahindi, vice president of the Moroccan American House Association.

“We are a new, fast growing community in Brooklyn,” said Aadil Oualim, the group’s president. “Ramadan is a holy month—people like to get together to share feelings on fasting and memories of the homeland. We are here to make a better first generation. This is an occasion to thank everyone for the great work they do. We are trying to blend Moroccan tradition with American and be a better community at large.”

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