Interested in becoming a journalist? Boot camp can show you how

Media connoisseur Andrea Cooper Andrews is introducing a condensed version of her semester-long Young Journalists in Training Program, coming in the form of a five-day boot camp.

The Emmy award-winning daughter of Andrew Cooper — an acclaimed civil rights leader, and creator of the iconic African American newspaper, “The City Sun” — Andrews has dedicated her career to helping young adults bridge the often-terrifying gap between college and the workforce.

“If you come into my class and say, ‘I would like to be a news anchor,’ I will take you by your hand and introduce you to every person I know. The online internship application process is a pain, and I’m addressing that pain. I’m high energy, and willing to guide you through the process. I remove the anxiety and take you to the center of where you want to be I want something to exist that was like what I wanted when I first started out,” said Andrews.

The Young Journalists in Training Program is only open to St. Francis College students, but anyone of any age and background is eligible to enroll in the premiere boot camp, which Andrews is running herself, not under the aegis of St. Francis.

The program also features a mentorship aspect, with notable news anchors such as Cheryl Wills from New York One, as well as Saundra Thomas, who has worked an executive at WABC.

Over the past 10 years, the YJIT program has a track record of 100 percent in internship placement. Pupils who have completed their training have landed gigs at notable media outlets such as WCBS, WABS, The Daily NewsThe Home ReporterThe students are given basic preparation for operating effectively in a corporate environment,” said Andrews, “What is taught during the class is basic communication skills, interview skills, understanding workplace rules, boundaries, limitations, understanding how to dress, understanding how to carry yourself in a work environment in a way that gives the students an opportunity to develop a career. We have a relationship where the media outlets know they are getting a highly qualified intern.”

Session A of the boot camp will be taking place from August 19-August 23, and Session B runs from August 26-August 30. The course takes place at 180 Remsen Street, room 3402. The cost is $250, and space is limited. For more information on how to register, e-mail

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