New focus on Eighth Avenue in campaign for cleaner Sunset Park

A clean sweep is coming to sidewalks in Sunset Park.

To celebrate the news, a sizable crowd gathered on July 31 in front of The Brooklyn Chinese American Association, on Eighth Avenue at 50th Street, as Councilmember Sara Gonzalez announced new developments in the community’s efforts to keep their streets squeaky clean.

There will be increased trashcan pickups, as well as a community awareness and education campaign in order to inform residents about the importance of keeping the Eighth Avenue corridor and residential side streets sanitary.

Founder of BCA, Paul Mak, reminded the crowd that Brooklyn is home to a large community of Chinese-Americans, noting that the Sunset Park population outnumbers Manhattan’s Chinatown.

“As our community expands, more garbage is going to come into our neighborhood,” said Mak, stressing that as the population of the community grows, so must their consciousness about keeping their neighborhood clean.

Gonzalez allocated additional funding for the increased frequency of basket pickup services along Eighth Avenue.

“We as government need to step up to the plate to help the people we represent achieve the American dream,” said Gonzalez, giving thanks to Department of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, and recognizing the partnership the Department of Sanitation has fostered with the community.

gratitude towards those involved with the cleanup movement, but also noted that “government can do a lot, but they can only do so much,” emphasizing the importance of residents and businesspeople educating themselves about proper trash disposal, in order to benefit the neighborhood at large.

Also distributed at the event were flyers reminding residents: “Sanitation litter baskets are for pedestrian litter only, and that placing garbage from your home or business into a Sanitation litter basket is illegal, and carries a fine of $100. It causes litter baskets to overflow and corners to become dirty, creating an eyesore for everyone in your community. So, respect your neighborhood. Please use little baskets properly.”

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