Community Involvement:

John Abi-Habib was instilled with the idea of community involvement from a young age and as a result he is an active member of the Bay Ridge community where he has lived for 32 years.

“Since I was a kid, I was always trying to do something,” he said. “I was in a youth organization and I used to put together soccer and volleyball teams.”

Abi-Habib has served as chair of Community Board10’s Communications Committee and as CB 6’s Economic Development Chair, for a total of 16 years.

In addition, he is one of the founders of two local Business Improvement Districts, the 86th Street and Fifth Avenue BIDs.

Abi-Habib also founded the Festival of Middle Eastern Churches in 1999, “for cultural diversity and to show the people about a different culture.”

He is also a past president of the Salaam Club, a Middle Eastern professional business organization. Currently the group is collaborating with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz for their next event, celebrating Lebanese Heritage Day.

“We donate a lot of money to organizations such as HeartShare and the Diabetes Foundation,” said Abi-Habib. “Every year, we pick a different organization.”

Adding to his long list of community service, Abi-Habib was honored as the Ragamuffin Parade’s “Man of Year” and was inducted into the Fontbonne Hall Academy Hall of Fame.

Personal Life:

Abi-Habib attended Brooklyn College and obtained his Master’s Degree in computer management information systems. He resides in Bay Ridge with his wife, Sonia and two children. Sonia is president of the Visitation Mothers Club and is president of the parents association at Genesis, so it is only fitting that they encourage their children to become involved as well.

Abi-Habib spends his spare time with his family and in the community, “I coached soccer with St. Pat’s for a few years when my son was playing and I just try to support local communities by attending events,” he said


In his professional life, Abi-Habib is founder and chief executive officer of MSI NET Inc., a networking and communications company. To give back to the community, it is equipping local schools with wireless internet. He also built a curriculum for Brooklyn College and K-12 schools to integrate technology into their classes.

In addition, he has taught computer science and programming as an adjunct professor at local colleges.

“I am not sure (how it came about),” he said. “I loved it and from there I built my connection with the educational end of the professional business.”

Biggest Challenge:

“A lot of people get involved in the community and after a few years they disappear,” said Abi-Habib. “I think the biggest challenge is to stay committed for all those years and keep my commitment going for more years to come.”

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