Abandoned home racks up violations

An abandoned home on the corner of Ridge Boulevard and 77th Street has racked up numerous building violations and neighbors are wondering if the structure is more of a danger than an eyesore.

The sprawling property at 7701 Ridge Boulevard is owned by notorious developer Mousa Khalil, who also owns a couple of dozen properties in various states of disrepair around Brooklyn. According to the Department of Finance, Khalil purchased this property, along with several others, in 2005. Another property he owned, at 552 Ovington Avenue, collapsed last July.

The Department of Buildings has put a Partial Vacate order on the property, along with two Environmental Conservancy Board violations that date back to 2010.

The Department of Housing and Preservation Development (HPD) issued 24 open housing code violations this year on the structure. There are two A-class, 18 B-class and four C-class violations open at this address. C-class violations are the most severe, considered “immediately hazardous.” All violations were issued between April 29 and July 25 of this year.

Records from HPD show that the second story was occupied at least up until May 29 of this year and the first story as recently as July 22.

Jason DiGiacomo, who has lived in Bay Ridge for the past six years, said that the home does raise some eyebrows.

“I’ve always wondered about it,” he said, adding that the grass is overgrown and some windows are broken. “It’s been like that for years. I thought it was for sale.”

As this paper chatted with DiGiacomo, a kid passed by and mentioned that the house looked “scary.”

“It’s not like some abandoned warehouse or something but it could look really nice,” DiGiacomo added. “The yard is definitely a mess.”

State Senator Marty Golden, who alerted HPD to the condition of the property, said that Khalil has until September 11 to make corrections or improvements, or else more serious violations and fines will be issued.

“I thank the New York City Department of Housing, Preservation and Development for their thorough inspection of this property that has been an eyesore for area residents,” he said. “I look forward to cleaner, better maintained property here in our neighborhood. It is wrong for a property owner to leave a house in such terrible condition. It affects the quality of life of their neighbors and the whole community.”

Khalil could not be reached for comment as this paper went to press.

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