“The rUNDEAD” zombie run returns, this time in Coney Island

Zombie mania continues to thrive and on Saturday, October 26, it will invade Luna Park for “The rUNDEAD,” an exciting event that will pit runners dressed as zombies against runners trying to escape the zombies. The fun is all for a good cause, too—ticket costs help support the Special Olympics of New York.

The popular event takes place every year throughout the state of New York—there are eight events scheduled this year—and for the first time, an “rUNDEAD” run is coming to Coney Island.

Participants are divided into two categories: survivors and zombies. Those who choose to be survivors are given a belt with three flags attached to it. The object of the game is to search for six ‘survivor’ items while finishing the race without zombies, who are stationed around the area, capturing all three flags. If they do, runners can still finish the race but won’t be eligible for any of the prizes. However, if they dodge the zombies and still have at least one flag, you have ‘survived.’

If you choose to participate as a zombie, you will be given a makeover in the “Mob Tent” and the will be given the task of capturing the runners’ flags. All participants will receive free T-shirts, food and more.

Tickets to “The rUNDEAD” are also divided into two tiers: Option 1 includes entry to the race, BBQ and two hours access to Luna Park. That package is $60 for adults and $45 under 18. Option 2 includes just the race and BBQ and is $50 for adults and $35 under 18.

Registration for runners is at 9 AM (8:30 if you choose to be a zombie). The race begins at 10 AM. All money raised for this event will benefit the 61,000 disabled athletes of the Special Olympics New York.

For more pricing options or general information, visit www.therundead.org.

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