West Indian Day Parade shines through the storm

The vibrant and vivacious costumes along Eastern Parkway shone through the storm at the legendary West Indian Day Parade held on Labor Day, Monday, September 2.

“Despite the rain that came down, it did not dampen the spirits of anybody. Everything went on as usual and we finished ahead of time,” said Jean Alexander, a spokesperson for the West Indian American Day Carnival Association.

Alexander said that in previous years, police officers had to deny some bands entry to the parade, “But they didn’t have to this time. All the bands came down. It was a constant flow once it [the parade] started.”

The parade marched down Eastern Parkway from Utica Avenue to Grand Army Plaza, beginning at 10 a.m. Besides the spectacular costumes and fabulous music along the route, vendors sold a wide range of merchandise including Caribbean food.

But Alexander said that she did not like that there were so many politicians campaigning along the parade route.

“It takes away from the beauty of the carnival,” she contended. “I would like the politicians to come and march and make themselves look more like a part of the parade, not holding up signs saying ‘vote for whomever.’ It doesn’t fit in at all.”

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