Dining Out: A plethora of pastries at Tasty Pastry

Tasty Pastry definitely lives up to its name.

Open on 13th Avenue for 25 years, owned by Gina and Joe Zefferino, the bakery serves up the freshest cookies, pastries, cakes, breads and sweets around.

“Most are from family recipes, but we are always trying to keep up with the trends, like red velvet,” said Gina Zefferino. “We are always making something new, like Ferrero Rocher [pastries].”

In addition to the heavenly sweets, Tasty Pastry also has a vast selection of gluten free items and arguably the largest selection of sugar free inventory in Brooklyn.

Our staff gladly sampled the extensive selection. All of Tasty Pastry’s offerings are sweet, but not too overwhelming and taste as if they came straight out of the oven.

Fancy Cookies ($10 per lb.) go perfectly with your morning or evening coffee. We tried Scottish shortbread, Nutella filled cookies, Langues de chat, lemon crisps, anise biscuits, quartisimale with almond, fig and lace cookies. They were all fresh, crisp and delightful.

The Gluten Free Cookies ($15 per lb.) are made with all-natural, no artificial ingredients and taste exactly the same as regular cookies. We thoroughly enjoyed amaretto with pignoli nuts cookies, coconut macaroons, Pavlova and almond meringues, almond Nutella cookies and chocolate and vanilla coconules, or dense, yet flaky Italian style biscuit cookies.

We assure you that the Sugar-Free cookies would go completely undetected in a taste test. Sugar Free Italian biscuits cost $7 per lb.; Sugar Free pastries are $1.75 each, Sugar Free Seven Layer cookies cost $15 per lb. and Sugar Free Pignoli Nut cookies are $25 per lb. The Sugar Free French Napoleon and Tiramisu that we tasted were creamy, rich and satisfying.

Last but not least, Tasty Pastry offers assorted Italian pastries for $2.50 each; Fruit Tarts and Ferrero Rocher pastries for $2.75 each; Cannolis at $2.50 each and mini pastries in all assortments for $1.75. The to-die-for Nutella Lobstertail, filled with Nuttela instead of French cream, is $1.75 apiece. We had the New York Cheesecake (take this, Junior’s!), Red Velvet Cake (with icing that tasted like real cream cheese) and a French Napoleon, featuring layers of flaky dough and French cream. Yum!

For the holidays, Tasty Pastry makes elaborate, edible houses that make perfect gifts. In the summertime, they also sell Italian ices and gelato. The Zefferino’s also take special orders for specialty cakes, wedding cakes, cookie and pastry trays, cupcakes and favors. The helpful staff will assist you with whatever you need.

Ti vediamo at Tasty Pastry!

Tasty Pastry Shoppe

8218 13th Avenue

Phone: 718-833-9493

Fax: 718-833-3706


Open Sunday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Closed Mondays

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