Star of Brooklyn: Ed Jaworski





Lifelong Brooklynite and activist Ed Jaworski is the president of the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association. The organization has been around for 28 years and Jaworski has been active on the founding board of directors since day one. In 2010, he was named president of the association when his predecessor, Mary Powell, passed away at the age of 91. Since then, he has been fighting the injustices involving real estate for residents throughout the community.

“We try to identify the issues and concerns and try to get some sort of resolution involved,” said Jaworski.

When Jaworski became involved with the Civic Association, he said that realized there were a lot of illegal buildings being constructed and alleged intimidation by realtors and developers. He understood that it would be hard work fighting for his cause.

“I’m putting in more hours in my volunteer life than my working life,” he said.

Jaworski said that one of the more problematic hardships he has come across involved unpaid building violations for accidents and fatalities.

Despite the struggle, he finds the battles worth it and continues to fight through red tape and attempt to get these significant issues resolved.

“The most satisfying thing is becoming associated and connected with people out there. These people you try to serve and help,” Jaworski said.



After high school, Jaworski worked as a college administrator. In Queens College, he worked for the sports publicity department in the 1960’s and helped bring the school’s women’s basketball team to play a game in Madison Square Garden, the first female team to do so.

He then coached high school basketball at both Cathedral High School and Nazareth High School. It was a rewarding experience for Jaworski, an avid basketball fan. “I really enjoyed that. It satisfied my love for basketball, but then this other stuff surfaced and I got involved in civic stuff and I gave up my coaching.”



Ed Jaworski was born in Windsor Terrace.. He graduated with a BA in St. Francis College and received his MA at Syracuse University. He currently lives with his wife in Brooklyn.



Jaworski was exposed to the hardships of real estate at an early age. While he was a child living in Windsor Terrace, his parents were approached by realtors during the Prospect Expressway development. They suggested the family to move. This significant moment, coupled with a passion for helping people and testing his limits, set the wheels in motion. “It’s interesting. It’s a challenge. And I guess that’s what keeps me going,” lamented Jaworski.

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