We The People: Full Faith and Credit

The 16-day crisis known as the government shutdown has finally ended. A political embarrassment created by Republican Senator Ted Cruz, House Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans including our own Michael Grimm to “protest” the Affordable Care Act did nothing but hurt America and Americans.

Mr. Boehner incredibly stated, “We fought the good fight.” Does he actually think there was any good in the ill-conceived political gambit? Our representatives must embrace the idea of governing rationally and responsibly and eschew fighting.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham admitted, “This has been a really bad two weeks for the Republican Party.” The Tea Party and the Republican Party should learn how Democrat Speaker “Tip” O’Neill led a Democrat-controlled House to work with Republican President Ronald Reagan with government shutdowns that were resolved in less than 48 hours or over a weekend.

The monstrous $16.7 trillion federal debt must be reduced. There is sufficient tax revenue to run this nation if we avoid deficit spending. The 2013 budget collects $2.9 trillion in income but expends $3.8 trillion.

If we adopted a two-penny budget cut and reduced every item in the budget, then spending would be cut by $76 billion a year. If increased debt service to retire federal debt faster were combined with the cut, we could balance the budget in 10 years.

This plan would need cooperation and leadership from our representatives in Washington, D.C. The Republican Party has abandoned reason and responsibility; however, the ultimate responsibility for government rests with the American people.

Demand that our representatives act in the best interests of the American people. Call John Boehner 202-225-6205 and Michael Grimm 718-630-5277 and ask them to start leading now before we experience the next fiscal crisis.

Councilmember Vincent Gentile opened a new Eco-Dock at 69th Street which was made possible with funding procured by his office. It will allow ships to disembark passengers at the pier and it should encourage marine activity along our shore, including at Denyse Wharf located under the Verrazano-Narrows bridge.

Proponents for a marine biology lab for local schools may find the Eco-Dock area a more appropriate location for a lab than the current suggested Denyse Wharf location.

Mr. Gentile, who has secured millions of education dollars for the community and successfully advocated for restoration of library and transportation services, will meet challenger John Quaglione on October 22, 2013 for a final debate before the election.

The candidates should spend some time discussing the dysfunction of the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. or perhaps the dysfunction of the GOP in Brooklyn.

The Kings County Republican Party selected incumbent Craig Eaton to remain as chairperson of the organization. At the convention, the hand-picked candidate of State Senator Martin Golden failed to secure sufficient votes to unseat Mr. Eaton, which led to angry accusations and ugly confrontations.

We know the people are better off when they get along and that the people are better served when their representatives get along.

The reluctance of Republican members of the House to fund legislation that was passed by the full Congress and signed into law by the President should not have caused this shutdown. The shutdown was a short-sighted political maneuver that cost our economy more than $24 billion.

It also almost cost us the “full faith and credit” reputation of the U.S. government achieved by 237 years of responsible leadership, due to 16 days of pandering to the extremists of the Tea Party.

This was an attempt at political extortion and it was an utter failure. The people will have an opportunity to pass judgment on the actions of these political black mailers including Representative Michael Grimm.

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