Mark your calendars: Tuesday, November 5 is Election Day.

Voting is our American right, and we strongly urge everyone to make his or her way to the polls.

There is no excuse.

On Election Day, polling places are open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

This year we will be casting ballots for mayor, public advocate, city comptroller, borough president, district attorney, city councilmembers and judges.

In these pages and on our websites, www.homereporter.com and www.brooklynspectator.com, we bring you a voter’s guide to the candidates.

Get to know them and make an informed decision.

It is up to us to elect those men and women who will lead our city and our borough most effectively.

And after you’ve cast your ballot for office, be sure to vote yes on Prop # 6.

A “yes” vote would permit justices of the Supreme Court — who now must retire at 70 years of age but can obtain three two-year extensions so that service actually can be extended to 76 years — to serve until 80 years of age.

For us, this is an important issue.

The public policy of New York State since the 1980s has been to prohibit employers from subjecting their employees to mandatory retirement in both the public and private sectors.

Plus, these highly respected judges bring with them a cache of history, experience and knowledge of case law.

And the more judges on the bench, the fewer backlogs of cases.

So when you see Prop #6, be sure to choose yes.

Let your voice be heard. Every vote counts.

According to the Board of Elections, you can find your poll site location by calling the voter Phone Bank at 1-866-VOTE-NYC.

Since there is nothing worse than voter apathy, be sure that on Tuesday, November 5 you head to the polls and vote.


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