Muffin’s Pet Connection: Bastille and Tranquillo need a home

MEOW MEOW: Bastille and Tranquillo are two of the sweetest cats you will ever meet. These five-year-old brothers were given up because their person was pregnant. They love belly rubs and love each other very much. They really need to be adopted together.  Please call 718-486-7489.

Visit BARC shelter to see these and other adorable cats and dogs needing a friend and a new home. Adoption hours are Tuesday through Saturday 12 to 4 p.m. BARC offers a secure place for discarded animals and is committed to finding permanent, loving homes for them. While in their care, pets receive good food, shelter, medical attention and love.


CAT ADOPTION UPDATE: Lucretia, from Bensonhurst, was fostering Blackie and decided to keep him. His brother Pinky, was adopted by Marina, from Mill Basin. Her father fell in love with him when they came and took him that day.


 CAT FOOD TIP: shared by Zofie Jacobs, from Dyker Heights…for the finicky feline. If you add a little water to canned food, cats ‘drink up’ some extra water.


TURKEY CRUELTY:  OUTRAGED by JOANIE LOCICERO…”Jude, I am so upset by what is happening to turkeys on Staten Island.  There must be a better alternative than to kill God’s helpless creatures, grabbing them by their neck and legs, and tossing them onto a chopping block.

“The Department of Agriculture gathered about 80 of these unsuspecting birds and sent them to be slaughtered, believing that turkey feces are a health threat. But, their droppings are in point of fact a good fertilizer for the environment, stimulating grass growth.

“Jude, couldn’t they just move them to a safe, protected place, to roam and to live out their lives without human interference?  Wouldn’t that be more cost-effective than paying the salaries of all those workers to grab and kill? What message are we sending to our children?  Aren’t we supposed to teach them to love and respect God’s creatures, not to kill?  Thanks for listening.”


ALLEY CAT ALLIES sponsor the 13th Annual National Feral Cat Day Architects of Change for Cats National Conference  this nationwide advocacy organization is committed to the protection and humane treatment and improving the lives of our nation’s cats. Join Alley and become a voice for feral cats. E-mail

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