P.S. 95 kids bond at Halloween walk-a-thon

Spiderman, Cinderella, Ninjas and many more cartoon characters, superheroes and princesses were all in attendance at P.S. 95’s First Annual Halloween Walk-A-Thon. Almost all of the 980 students grades Pre-K through eighth grade were in full costume, including most of the 150 staff members, as they marched up Avenue U to the delight of passersby, workers and business owners of the community.

Principal Janet Ndzibah, who also was in full costume as a ladybug, was very proud of her school as the walk was clearly a success and a testament to how tight the community is and how much the school means to the community. “The parents loved it. It was great to see all the kids in full costume, and the teachers as well. We exceeded all of our expectations,” said an excited Ndzibah.

Along with the walk, there was also a small ceremony in the school yard to honor Marine veterans, and firefighters of local Firehouse Ladder 253. “We always want to thank those that serve our country,” said Ndzibah.

PTA President Lulu Elaza has been instrumental in building unity between the school and the community, said Ndzibah. Elaza went throughout the community and encouraged local businesses to display the students’ artwork in the windows of their stores.

“I walked down Avenue U and asked them to support the students and they agreed,” said Elaza. It wasn’t just a couple of business either. Within two blocks there were a deli, a fish market, a pizzeria, an insurance company, a barbershop, and others stores that displayed drawings by the students, boldly where everyone could see.

“We do what we can, anything to help,” said a worker at one grocery. “We have two pictures now and we’re supposed to have another coming soon,” he laughed.

The parents gathered outside the gates of the school like paparazzi snapping countless pictures during the ceremony and it was obvious they weren’t just there for their own child, but for the school as a whole.

“All the parents work hard together, and they show up,” said an appreciative Elaza.

The parents really enjoyed it. “It’s our first one ever,” said a happy parent outside the gate of the school, “and it was amazing. I’m so happy for them.”

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