Raiders dominate Browns in PYO Minor Division action

The first game of the minor division of Parkville’s Full Tackle Football Program belonged to the PYO Raiders. Their offense went beyond all expectations with Jack “Sizzler” Ryan as quarterback.

Ryan ruled the first half, tallying three touchdowns for 18 points. He collected a total of 68 yards for the Raiders, giving them an awesome lead that the Browns could not overcome. One of those TD runs was a 38-yard kickoff return where he broke three tackles along the way. Robert “Sun Dance” Ferraioli scored the extra point for the Raiders after Ryan’s kickoff return.

Anthony D’Egidio scored the only TD in the first half for the PYO Browns. In fact it was their only score of the game. D’Egidio took the ball on a seven-yard trip to golden soil, fighting for every inch of Parkville soil along the way.

The Browns opened the second half with a power drive down field until they took to the air and were stopped dead in their tracks. Ferraioli burst their bubble by intercepting their pass on the three. Ferraioli continued his assault with a 27-yard charge down field to pay dirt, putting the Raiders up 25 to 6 at the end of the game.

The defensive players are the blood and guts of a football team, the unsung heroes. John Von Weken, D’Egidio, Matthew Velez and Ryan Lamidi have much to be proud of in this melee. The top players of the Raiders were Marco Alicea, Ferraioli, Colin “Undertaker” Trainor, Nicholas “Lion Heart” Mendez and Ryan “Hammer Time” Jimenez (nice fumble recovery).

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