Minor and Peewee Pyo football

Parkville Youth Organization’s Minor Division All-Star Game pitted the North against the South in a classic gridiron battle for bragging rights.

The South’s David Nisbet set the tempo to this conflict with a six-yard bullet pass to Marco Alicea, putting the South on the one yard line. Then, Nisbet fought his way into golden soil to draw first blood.

Robert “Sun Dance” Ferraioli immediately retaliated by bulling his way 35 yards to pay dirt. Anthony “Mad Dog” D’Egidio broke the tie by scoring the extra point.

The seesaw battle continued, with Nisbet running 23 yards to seize the lead for the South. Then the North changed to an aerial attack with an 11-yard pass from Jack “Sizzler” Ryan to D’Egidio. That was just the first quarter. Brandon Diaz opened the second quarter with a kickoff run to the North 17 yard line. This set Nisbet up for a two-yard sprint to pay dirt, grabbing an 18-13 lead.

Not to be upstaged, Francis Rosas of the North hit back hard on the next kickoff by charging 30 yards, breaking tackles along the way to get back the advantage, 19-18.

The North continues the momentum after the half time break when John “Bull Dog” Von Weken recovered a punt fumble and set up “Sun Dance” Ferraioli for a five-yard dash to score.

That wasn’t enough for the North’s “Sizzler” Ryan. He carried the ball 42 yards through a fierce South defense to put the tally at 32-18. David Nisbet of the south got the last licks with his four-yard touchdown but it was a day late and a dollar short. The North won, 32-24.

Some of the players that contributed to the success of the North were Julien Delacruz (fumble recovery), Steven Narvarro, Von Weken and Joseph Dasaro. Some of the fierce players on the South team are Alicea, Jacob Gil, Benjamin Watson and Brandon Rivera.

In the Parkville Full Tackle Peewee Division, the Miciotta brothers ruled the scoreboard for the Steelers. Salvatore Miciotta entered pay dirt twice for 27 yards and Carlos dashed three yards to golden soil.

The Saints fought hard but were unable to score. They moved the ball well and were very close but the Steelers’ defense staked their ground and refused to yield an inch.

Many players rose to the occasion and gave outstanding performances. Sean Della Torre made an outstanding pass interception, Dennis Urena and Alex Gonzalez fought tooth and nail for every inch of soil.

Thomas Robert Fegan was on top of his game, spotting a Steeler fumble and instinctively reacting. Faster than Grant took Richmond, Fegan was on the ball like white on rice. Bill Kruger and Luciano DiPreta were awesome in pursuit of their goals. Oscar Zheng and Nassir Bennet met their challenges head on and emerged victorious.

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