The Resource Training Center: bigger and better

Doors were left wide open to the public as the Resource Training Center held its Outpatient and Ancillary Withdrawal Management Open House on Friday, January 17 at the organization’s headquarters.

The celebration marked the center’s new ambulatory detox unit and the expansion of its outpatient clinic. Food and refreshments were served as the staff greeted and informed guests about the services available there.

The center, which was founded in 1994 by CEO Donna Mae DePola, provides individual, family and couples therapy. The center also offers medication management, veterans, LGBT and vocational educational services.

In addition, “A lot of clients coming from welfare, human resource services, or  parole are suggested to get at least nine to 15 hours of substance abuse treatment, so that would require that they take substance abuse, relapse prevention, anger management,  and domestic violence classes,” noted Clinical Director Sheila Mashack.

Mashack has been working in the clinical field for 17 years and for two and a half of years has been on board with the Resource Training Center, which, Mashack says, began as “a place where those who are in recovery can come and learn about how to treat new people coming into recovery.”

As a result of that vision coming to life, the center has grown and now provides numerous alternatives to aid in the recovery of patients, while also supporting families.

Mashack sees the expansion as being highly beneficial to the center and its clients, stressing, “It will give us the opportunity to do outreach to more providers. It can be open from morning to evening because now we have more group rooms so we can have more services. So of course it should bring more clients to the program.”

Looking ahead, Mashack said that she believes that a more youth-targeted area will be created. “Young people have been using for a long time,” she noted, “but now the awareness is up.”

Mashack also thinks that mental health services are crucial to the center’s clients. “I can see us having more psychiatry hours,” said Mashack. “There is no client that comes in that doesn’t need mental health services. I see that as part of our expansion. Plus prescription drugs abuse is very big; that’s definitely an area that brings in younger people now.”

The Resource Training Center is located at 449 39th Street. For more info, go to

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