Muffin’s Pet Connection: Creamy needs a loving home

PURRZ PURRZ….Hello there -I am Creamy, a young, handsome, Angora year-old male kitty with a big bushy tail. My alluring almond shaped amber eyes accent my cream color, long, silky fur. Meeows, my long and lean torso is every cat’s dream!

“I love to strut my stuff, all the while showing off to humans just how smart I actually am. We, Angora cats, are energized, great to live with because you do not know what we are going to do next. Plus we are tons-of-kitty-cat-fun.

“Being that I am a very loving breed, I enjoy constant attention. You simply cannot get bored with me. I heard through the kitty cat grapevine that the Angora is highly recommended because we are purrfect companions for everyone. The Angora cat would be a great breed for pet therapy, because we are very social, sweet kitties.

“Another big plus is that all my medicals are done.I am neutered, tested negative for AIDS and Leukemia, and have all my vaccinations. C’mon and meet me…take one look into my fabulous eyes, and I am all yours! Please call Itty Bitty Kitty NY at 917-889-5896, mention that you read about me in The Home Reporter or Spectator newspaper.


ADOPTION UPDATES: Tabs, an adorable kit/cat, was adopted by Roz the volunteer in Kings Highway, Brooklyn…

Six-month-old Hope, Miss Houdini and Mister Sunshine were kept by rescuer George (who fell in love with them) in Brooklyn…Ten-month-old Little Red Riding Hood was adopted by a lovely family (a musician at Radio City Music Hall with two kids) in Brooklyn Heights. Thanks for posting our cats.


BRRR, baby it’s cold outside… The brisk winter chill has arrived. We humans can bundle up with extra layers of clothing when the thermostat dips, but it becomes harder for our outdoor feline friends to stay toasty warm.

Please BANG ON HOOD A COUPLE OF TIMES BEFORE STARTING CAR, wait a moment and see if a cat jumps out. Cats looking for a place to stay warm are known to curl up under the hood of a car, on top of the engine. However, starting a car with a catunder the hood is almost certainly fatal for the animal. That should scare any snoozing felines away. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

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