PYO Saints win, Raiders and Cardinals tie

A recent contest between the Parkville Youth Organization Raiders and Cardinals was one of those competitions where all the fans were on their feet throughout the game.

The action began when Johnny “Day Light” Nisbet hit Brandon Diaz with a 20-yard bullet pass, setting the Cards on the 10 yard line. A little razzle dazzle and plenty of muscle put David Nisbet in the end zone drawing first blood. Before the end of the first half , Jack “Sizzler” Ryan of the Raiders charged 22 yards to tie the game 6-all.

After fighting tooth and nail down field to the two-yard line, the Raiders kept up their momentum and Robert “Sun Dance” Ferraioli scored to giving them a six point advantage.

Frances Rosas recovered a Raider fumble on the 25 yard line but the Cards failed to move it an inch. Jacob Gil was the unmovable object that prevented any forward movement.

It was “Day Light” Nisbet that tied the score with his seven-yard dash, making it 12-all. “Sun Dance” Ferraioli broke the tie with a four-yard run and “Sizzler” Ryan picked up the extra point that put the Raiders ahead.

Only eight seconds remained on the clock and “Day Light” Nisbet broke a Raider tackle and battled his way 38 yards to pay dirt. Then David Nisbet took the ball over for the extra point, tying the score at 19. It doesn’t get any better than this.

In Parkville’s peewee full tackle football, the Saints went home with the bacon and the 18-12 victory, but the game was an even battle and could have gone either way. The final score came with two seconds on the clock.

Nicholas Diadema broke the ice with a five-yard TD run, putting six points on the boards. JoJo Nardiello tied the score with a magnificent 40-yard run to golden soil.

The tie was broken in the second half by Nassir Bennet when he broke three tackles and charged 18 yards, putting the Saints on top 12- 6. But the Saints’ parade ended when the Steelers’ Nardiello electrified the fans with an awesome charge to tie the score.

There were two seconds remaining on the clock when Diadema took the snap for the Saints, broke for daylight and entered golden soil for the 18-12 win.

Here are some of the players that contributed to the outstanding competition. Gabriel Ferguson, David Figueroa, Luciano DiPreta, Bennet, Aiden Farley, Dennis Urena, Matthew Santos, Sean Dellatorre, Nardiello, Thomas Robert Fegan and Diadema gave 110 percent and met the challenge head on.

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