Star of Brooklyn: Judd Fischler



COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: There are no tasks too large for 83-year-old Brooklyn-born Judd Fischler, who has dedicated his life to improving Brooklyn communities in a variety of ways. “Basically, I’ve been active in the Brighton Beach community for 22 years. Prior to that, I was part of the East New York Auxiliary Police,” said Fischler. In addition, he was one of the activists who worked to prevent oversized buildings from going up at Brighton Beach, helping to maintain the scale of the community. “We managed to keep the project down in size,” Fischler said. “I was proud of that.”

Fischler is a member of the 60th Precinct Community Council. “We worked hand in hand with community affairs. Because of those contacts, I became president of the council and got to know most of chiefs,” said Fischler. “Now, I’m still an active member of council.” He was also a member of the 75th Precinct Community Council.

Currently, he is on the board of the Brighton Neighborhood Associating, helping neighbors with landlord and tenant problems. Fischler is also active in Brooklyn various senior centers, fighting for the funds to remain in operation. “I enjoy it because I’m out helping people and doing things,” Fischler said.

MOTIVATION: Fischler received his desire to help his neighbors from his father. “My dad was an attorney and he was very active in the community, both politically and socially, so I become active because of that,” he said. “He was the person to go to. When people weren’t familiar with what was going on in the neighborhood, they went to him for advice. And he gave it for free.” Fischler has followed his dad’s footsteps. “They call me a Brighton Beach civic leader. Like my father, they come to me for help.”

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Recently, Fischler received a letter from NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks III. “He sent me letter thanking me for my work with the community and Police Department,” said Fischler, who also helps organize the Brighton Jubilee.

His greatest reward is the satisfaction he receives by helping others. “I am willing to keep working for the community as long as I’m willing and able,” said Fischler. “Many people have asked me, ‘How much money do you get for doing this stuff?’ The answer is zero. No amount can equal the joy I get from helping my community in a volunteer effort.”

CAREER: Fischler worked for the city Department of Investigations as well as the DA’s office. Then, he went into sales management. “I was always meeting people. One way or another, I’ve been involved in public service or being in the public forum,” he noted.

PERSONAL LIFE: Fischler was born in East New York on April 26, 1931. He attended P.S. 182, Junior High School 149 and Franklin Lane High School.

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