Borough Prez honors women’s contributions during Women’s History Month

Wonder women! Several women were honored at Borough Hall on March 18 to celebrate their hard work and dedication during Eric Adams’ first Women’s History Month celebration as borough president.

“The purpose of the night was to honor our ‘she-roes’ which is what we call them,” said communications director Stefan Ringel. “These ‘she-roes’ are everyday women in our communities. I believe there was but somewhere between 20 and 30 honorees across a pretty wide cross-section of people.”

The honorees, who received citations, included businesswomen, NYPD officers, firefighters, religious leaders, educators, musicians, local businessowners and elected officials. “It was an awards presentation and a celebration of women’s contributions to the borough,” continued Ringel.

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Ama Dwimoh, who ran the Crimes Against Children Bureau till 2011, was keynote speaker for the evening.

“It is a part of what of Borough Hall is about,” said Ringel. “It’s an open door for everyone to bring their concerns to improve the future. It’s a place of many celebrations, diversity and unity. There will be plenty more celebrations in the weeks and months and years ahead.”

Last year when Adams was a state senator, he hosted a Women’s History Month Celebration as well at SUNY Downstate University Hospital.

President and winemaker of Brooklyn Oenology Alie Shaper was happy be honored and hopes to help other women achieve their goals. “There still needs to be a rally behind women,” she said during a video featuring the business owner on the Borough President’s YouTube channel. ”I think more than anything, women need to learn about themselves and that it is entirely possible. There are so few blockades and we need to encourage ourselves and each other. You need to stay on top of it and keep on rallying behind those girls.”

Another honoree, Marcia Melendez, CEO of Flowerworks, was also thrilled to receive the honor. “It means a lot. It gives us a time to reflect on all women that have gone before us. My mother taught me everything I learned about business,” she also said in a video presentation. “It gives us the opportunity to reflect on women that have paved the way to make it possible for what we do now.”

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