Star of Brooklyn: Ryan Lynch



COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Rooted in humanitarianism, the Vice Chair of Community Board 7 Ryan Lynch gets involved in volunteer work purely for the sake of seeing communities and people prosper.

The 36-year-old joined the board in 2009. On the board, he helps support the Chair Daniel Murphy. Representing residents of Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights and Windsor Terrace, they help create a forum for members of the community district so they can air out issues of concern.

The vice chair claims that the only major challenge in his position is, “Finding a common ground over people who have different interests and consensus.”

Not limiting himself to volunteering only inside the borough, Lynch has given his assistance to the non-profit organization Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment, an organization intended to empower indigenous women and support their basic needs and basic human rights. Lynch helped develop a community development curriculum for them as well as business plans for the women who sought the group’s help.

Lynch was also a part of the Peace Corps, serving in West Africa for two and a half years.

CAREER: Lynch is the associate director at the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a non-profit advocacy organization that is dedicated to reducing car dependency. “We work to advocate for more funding for mass transit for safer streets for pedestrians and bikers,” he explained. “It’s fun because I get to get to geek-out on transportation policy.”

Since a large amount of people are reliant on public transportation, it is more than just a job for Lynch. He states, “Public transportation impacts everyone’s daily lives especially in New York City so it’s something that I proudly advocate for.”

MOTIVATION: For Lynch, volunteering is great way to help out his community from his own backyard.He states, “My wife and I care about our neighborhood. I love Brooklyn for its different and diverse neighborhoods. I love the quality of life here.”

Lynch has always been heavily involved in community work; he takes it from his parents who both volunteer. “From a very early age it was instilled in me by my parents to help out my community,” said Lynch. “They’ve made it incumbent on me to give to back.”

PERSONAL LIFE: Lynch is Queens-born and Long Island-bred, and has been a resident of Windsor Terrace since 2008. Lynch’s family moved to the suburbs during his youth, but he migrated to the city in adulthood.

Lynch isn’t thinking too far ahead into the future. For now, he’s more concerned about the wellness of his first-born child that he and his wife are expecting.

“Right now, I’m just focusing on getting prepared for this baby to arrive.” said Lynch. “I’m more focused on being a good dad.”

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