11th Annual BKLYN DESIGNS showcases top local artists

The arts are thriving in Brooklyn thanks to the 11th Annual BKLYN DESIGNS showcase presented by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (BCC). The display of fine talent kicked off on May 9. On the same day, BCC also launched explorebk.com“It is the hottest weekend in Brooklyn, otherwise known as BKLYN DESIGNS,” said Carlo Scissura, President and CEO of the BCC at the Pierhouse Art Gallery. “This is year 11 of the show. It has transformed from a bunch of interesting and cool designers to 60 and counting. This show is really at the forefront of design and creating jobs, creating buzz.”

The up and coming artists presented their work at six venues, including St. Ann’s Warehouse, 29 Jay Street. The products included contemporary and rustic furniture, unique pillows, signs, man cave designs, vinyl record storage and more.

Alexandra Ferguson’s art includes handmade pillows with various catch phrases sewn on each one. “Our whole slogan is that we say whatever everyone else is thinking,” she said. “You read a pillow and it relates to you or someone you know. Everything is typography that’s where we are today.” Ferguson’s business has expanded since their move to Sunset Park a year ago. The pillows are now sold at stores around the country.

Cayla Ferari, co-owner of LinePosters, received her inspiration from mass transit. “The brand is a collaboration between me and my boyfriend, who is also my business partner,” she explained. “When it originally started, we wanted artwork for our apartment that was unique and a combination of our two aesthetics,” Ferari said. “So I drew the New York City subway map and got lots of compliments. It grew a little bit at a time.”

Ferari and her boyfriend now sell the mass transit inspired art of different cities all over the world. “A lot of people associate traveling with transit experiences. We’ve been well received and it’s exciting,” she said.

In addition to BKLYN DESIGNS kicking off, the launch of explorebk.com was announced. Scissura believes the new site, which gathers content from other sites such as Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter, will be the best source for finding information on the borough.

“We have launched the coolest, most interesting website ever to hit Brooklyn,” he said. “It’s truly the one stop shop of everything this borough has to offer. It is something wonderful. Every neighborhood in every part of the borough will be equally treated on this site.” It already includes over 200,000 pages of content.

For more information on the art filled weekend which concludes May 11, visit www.bklyndesigns.comwww.explorebk.com.

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