Golden hosts 12th annual Senior Fair

It was a golden day for Bay Ridge seniors. In conjunction with Older Americans Month, State Senator Marty Golden hosted his 12th annual Senior Fair at Saint Patrick’s auditorium, 9511 Fourth Avenue, on May 8. The informative three-hour event included a plethora of information designed to improve the lifestyle of senior citizens.

New York State Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis, also in attendance, commended Golden on his dedication to improving Bay Ridge, especially for the neighborhood’s seniors. “It’s been wonderful to work with Senator Golden over the last four years to deliver great things to the people of Bay Ridge,” she said. “He’s been wonderful in making sure we get the funds we need for our senior citizens here in Brooklyn.”

Attendees were impressed with the information-filled afternoon. “It was very informative,” said attendee Barbara Turchio, the administrative assistant for NIA Community Service Network. “I think it’s good for the community to hold an event like this. Other communities should do the same.”

Another participant, Diana C. was not only pleased with the exhibitors, but also Golden’s speech. “I very much enjoyed it. To hear about the drug problem was frightening. It’s good to know since I wasn’t aware of it until today.”

Golden kept the audience up to speed on the current happenings in Bay Ridge, such as recent credit card fraud in the area, the return of the B37 line, Summer Stroll and the Concerts in the Park series, as well the recent drug epidemic. He also addressed the Senior Citizen Rent Exception.

“We used to have it at $29,000, so if you had social security and a little bit of pension, you couldn’t partake in Senior Citizen Rent Exemption. It froze your rent,” he said. “We recently increased it to $50,000, so those today that have a limit of under 50,0000 will be able to get their rent frozen and be able to get their rent exemption so they don’t have this outrageous rent and it allows you to stay and live in your homes. It begins July 1.”

In addition to informative exhibitors, live music, breakfast, giveaways and food catered by the Bay Ridge Manor were also on hand.

“It was very nice. The food was great,” said attendee Thomas A. “Golden doesn’t side with one branch of people. He doesn’t sell out.”

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