Street Talk: What do you think of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s affordable housing plan?

What do you think of Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s five-borough, 10 year plan to build 200,000 affordable apartments?

I’m sure it will help the city in the long run. It makes sense economically and will create jobs which will help more people live in the city.

Danny F.

Bay Ridge

If it actually happens and works, it would be a great idea for the city. There needs to be more affordable housing, but right now there seems like there isn’t a lot.

Dan K.

Bay Ridge

I just heard about it on the news. 200,000 apartments will definitely help. How much will it help, I don’t know though.

John C.

Bay Ridge

More affordable apartments will hopefully help the city. Also, I hope that these new apartments will be in good areas that people will want to live in.

Diana G.

Bay Ridge

Rent is currently really high but I don’t think the mayor’s plan (on affordable housing) will actually come to fruition or pass. I don’t think it will achieve his goal.

Carol O.

Bay Ridge

The housing plan might help in certain ways. Hopefully it will help seniors. They are having a rough time with rent and living situations.

Charles M.

Bay Ridge

Hopefully it will cater to the middle class. The mayor seems to only consider the problems of the poor and the wealthy. The middle class always seems to be left out.

Thomas A.

Bay Ridge

I do think that it will help. The city very much needs more affordable living, especially for the lower and middle income families.

Diana C.

Bay Ridge

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