Common Sense: Summer Strolling

The Third Avenue Summer Strolls are now underway. This year, like last, the strolls will be held in two segments with one being from 69th Street to 80th Street and the other from 80th St to 90th Street. All are on Friday nights beginning around 6 p.m. and running to around 10 p.m.

The remaining schedule is as follows:

•July 25 — 69th Street to 80th Street;

•August 8– 80th Street to 90th Street;

•August 15– 80th Street to 90th Street;

The first strolls held three years ago were the result of a collaboration between State Senator Marty Golden, Councilmember Vincent Gentile and the Third Avenue Merchants Association. With a lot of help from Community Board 10, a number of kinks were worked out, resulting in this year’s multiple events covering most of the avenue. The strolls enjoy many sponsors including the active participation of Assemblymembers Nicole Malliotakis and Alec Brook-Krasny.

The Summer Strolls are very different from the street fairs held in our community. The strolls cater to local businesses with restaurants setting up tables along the sidewalks and various local cultural and entertainment groups performing. Although crowded, the avenue is easier to walk because there are no street vendors and the parking situation is more manageable.

I think the Summer Strolls are one of the better events in a community that has many events throughout the year. Come down and enjoy an evening or two. There are no rain dates and short of a monsoon, the stroll goes on.

* * *

The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) recently released an analysis of the New York State Legislature’s 2014 session. Local Republican-Conservative State Senator Marty Golden — who I serve as chief of staff — was shown to be one of the most productive members with the second most bills passed by the Senate (73) and the most bills (36) passed by both houses, which will most likely result in the most bills signed into law by the governor.

The senator, in response to the report, issued a statement that in part read, “Every year I pride myself in working extremely hard for the residents of my district, and this year was no different, ensuring safer streets, more funding for our schools and senior programs, and working hard in Albany to improve our transportation options. I look forward to continuing my work in Albany.”

Although I certainly have a prejudicial opinion, Senator Golden should face a comfortable re-election. In fact, besides his impressive legislative accomplishments, Senator Golden filed significantly more nominating signatures then two years ago and enters the race with over $400,000 in the bank. His Democratic opponent filed the least amount of signatures a Democrat has filed in many years and had only $7,000 on hand.

* * *

I wish to compliment the 68th Police Precinct for its quick response to a report of a pit bull attack on another dog on the 500 block of 78th Street recently. Although the owner of the vicious dog had gotten control of his animal before the police arrived, their comforting of the lady walking the dog that was attacked was appreciated as well as an immediate investigation they undertook.

In this case the lady whose dog was attacked hit her head hard on the ground and needed to be seen by a doctor. Fortunately, her dog only received minor injuries. The pit bull that came out of its owner’s driveway was not on a leash.

Pit Bulls can be dangerous animals. Owners cannot allow these dogs under any circumstances to be outside off a leash. Even thought the dog was not going after the lady, not surprisingly she was injured in the attack.

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