Etiquette Boss: Handshakes and more


The beginning and ending of a meeting should be harmonious. For example, if handshakes are exchanged when meeting someone, it should be repeated when leaving that person. Men should allow ladies to initiate the handshake in social situations, but business is considered “gender neutral’ so either party may make the initial move.

Two or three shakes are enough, no hand pumping or too tight gripping of her fingers, which can be painful if she wears rings. Avoid hand kissing unless you are from the Continent and the lady on whom you want to lavish this attention is married. Even when done correctly, the hands of single young ladies are best left unkissed.

When offering your hand to assist a lady, it should be given palm up, as a kind of ledge or rest, to help her out of taxis or off a bus, etc. Never grab her wrist or fingers. Young men should take note when escorting their prom dates or as escorts at a wedding ceremony. In and out of a car, their role is to “offer” the upturned palm, walking down the aisle, the extended elbow.

The young lady accepts. Never place your hand under the lady’s elbow in an attempt to help her, as it feels to her like she is being steered. The only time a man is permitted to cup his hand under a woman’s elbow is when he is trying to boost her upward, as in trying to help her avoid a fall.


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Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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