Muffin’s Pet Connection: Ralphie the Siamese cat

MEEOW MEEOW: HEY JUDE: “Ralphie, is a six-year-old blue Siamese cat. His owner died, leaving him and his other pet companion homeless. While the other cat was adopted, Ralphie still hasn’t found a good home.

“I am currently fostering him, because his previous foster home was going to put him down. Unfortunately, I do not have the space or resources to keep him. I do not know much about Ralphie’s history, but I do know he shows signs of abuse.

”He has bald spots around his neck where there was a possibly a collar that was too tight, and as a result of this, he lost his ability to make any noise. For example, when he tries to meow, no sound comes out.

“He is a little skittish, but overall he has a very calmdisposition. He enjoys gazing out the window, and sunbathing on the bed. Please help Ralphie find a forever home, as it’s clear he is in desperate need of one. My contact info is 1-917-902-5246. Thank you.” — Dina Casaliggi


CATS, CATS, CATS need homes NOW… “Amoryis a large, old, mellow, wise cat. Other cats tend to worship and follow him. He is intuitive, friendly, comforting, low-maintenance, not demanding, and does not wake you up to feed him. He can be placed with other cats and/or children. He likes to lie or walk around, acting like a supervisor, in a benevolent way. He looks like a miniature tiger, who likes to sleep next to me….

“Ozzieis shy but lovable. He, too, is mellow. I believe he had been abused before I adopted him. It will take him some time before he will lie down next to you and ask you to rub his head and stomach. He looks like a miniature tiger. He’s fine with other cats. I am not sure about children. He and Amory are alike….

“Lolais gorgeous and a member of my original managed cat colony. She has paisley markings and acts like she is in command. Her love is Amory and it breaks my heart to split them. But she would do well with him, or her sister, Tiger. I think she is better off alone than living in a new home that already has a cat. She is mellow, low-maintenance, not demanding, and won’t wake you up to feed her. She loves to sleep with Amory, the alpha cat in the household….

”Tigeris also a member of my managed cat colony. She is sweet but shy. Although she is mellow, she can get excited when she gets a lot of attention. I do not know if she would shy away from or love the attention of children petting her. She also loves to sleep with me or next to Amory, the alpha cat in the household. He’s very special.Best regards.” — Harriet in Riverdale,646-824-0776 or

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