Red, white and blue honoree feted at Borough Hall

As we draw closer to Independence Day, patriotic fervor was in full view at Borough Hall on Friday, June 27, as Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter was honored by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Ed Schloeman, co-chair of Operation Warrior Wellness, for his service and advocacy for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The ceremony was part of a national tour by Carter to inform the public about the realities of PTSD and the stigma that’s associated with those afflicted by it. “PTSD is more common than people realize,” he said. “It’s not a combat thing, but rather an instinctive reflexive response by your body to recall a traumatic event and avoid repeating it.” Carter added that there’s a myth that soldiers with PTSD will do irrational things, and are thus kept out of jobs they’re well qualified for. Without proper assistance, these troops are bound to suffer greatly as they try to get back on their feet.Issues surrounding PTSD are not the only things that returning troops face. “Nothing angered me more during the housing crisis than seeing men and women fighting abroad having their homes foreclosed on,” said Adams. Adams –who lost one of his two uncles in Vietnam — co-chaired the Veterans Affairs Committee during his years as a state senator.The timing of the event was not coincidental. June 27 was PTSD Day all over America and many feel events like this will continue to raise awareness for this issue which still haunts the brave men and women who have served.“Our troops honor us, and we must do more to ensure that the men and women coming home receive the necessary support and guidance they deserve,” Adams said.

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