Street Talk: What does the Fourth of July holiday mean to you?

What does the Fourth of July holiday mean to you?

To me, it means swimming, getting together with family, having barbecues and celebrating our independence.

Mary O.

Bay Ridge

It means freedom and independence. It’s also about remembering veterans who fought in past wars. I’m proud and blessed to be an American.

Joe A.

Bay Ridge

I’ve been in the country one year. Last year, it was fun to see the fireworks and celebrate. I’m looking forward to it again this year.

Mirlind B.

Bay Ridge

It’s a celebration of enlightenment and a celebration of ideals. And I’ll have fun watching the fireworks

Ryan N.

Bay Ridge

It means liberation and freedom and to celebrate the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Joe S.

Bay Ridge

It means a lot and is very important. It means celebrating Independence Day. I plan on going to the beach.

Michael P.

Bay Ridge

It means celebrating freedom in our country and the troops.

Nick M.

Bay Ridge

We’re going to watch the fireworks and celebrate our nation’s Independence.

Brittanie H.

Bay Ridge

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