Brooklynites gather to stand with Israel

With flags in hand and draped around their necks, men and women, young and old, gathered at Brooklyn’s Asser Levy Park on Wednesday, August 6 for the Stand with Israel rally.The event, sponsored by Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowitz, was designed to demonstrate how American Jews are supporting Israel and standing with the country in their fight against Hamas. “We have to show the world how we as Jews are people and have the right to defend ourselves against those who do us harm,” said local resident and Holocaust survivor David Fields.Musicians Ron Eliran and Benny Albaz led the crowd in renditions of “Jerusalem is Gold” and “Am Yisrahel Chai,” as others, including Assemblymember Dov Hikind, spoke about life for Israelis during this time of crisis. “Americans don’t understand what it’s like to have their cities under constant rocket barrage and having only 15 seconds to find shelter and avoid harm,” said Hikind, also stating that Hamas repeatedly violated several cease-fires which could’ve avoided more bloodshed. “Most of the world is against us and we must show Israel is not alone,” said Brooklyn resident Lauren Silverman. Groups such as Chosen People’s Ministries also came to show their support, as did people from all over Brooklyn to show solidarity to the only democracy in the Middle East and one of America’s most trusted allies. “We must support our homeland and say Israel now, tomorrow and forever,” said Hikind.

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