Common Sense: Say nothing!

Not for nothing, but the Democratic Party has a lot to say about a lot of things, so I am anxiously waiting to hear what it has to say about the numerous allegations accusing Governor Cuomo of tampering with his “independent” Moreland Commission.

And now to add insult to injury, these same Democrats remain silent on the new charges that the governor may have attempted to influence material witnesses in a U.S. attorney’s investigation of the tampering allegations.

This, in fact, is the same tactic employed by the governor. Say nothing. He said nothing for five days after the big New York Times story. And last week after the U.S. attorney issued a letter warning the governor to stay away from potential witnesses, he officially issued a statement that he would have nothing more to say on the topic.

Sounds like he is getting advice from a criminal defense attorney. Say nothing! That is the advice they usually give in order to protect a client who is under investigation.

This story is not going away anytime soon. Major media like the New York Times * * *

The Brooklyn Conservative Party recently honored Steve Cassidy, the president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, at a dinner held at the El Caribe. Steve and those he represents not only run into danger when others are evacuating to save lives, they are great community people getting involved in all sorts of excellent causes.

In addition to many Conservative Party activists and candidates, the event had in attendance State Senator Marty Golden, Assemblymembers Nicole Malliotakis, Dov Hikind, Philip Goldfeder and Michael Simanowitz and Councilmember Eric Ulrich.

* * *

I am beginning to think that it is not just me who believes the new City Council has a big learning curve, even when it comes to the very basics such as running its own meetings.

Apparently after six months of Council meetings that received more attention for their drama, hysterics and confusion, the Council itself decided that it needed to do a mock Saturday session to teach and practice parliamentary procedures and Council floor operation rules.

Unfortunately the story was leaked out (most likely by a Council staffer) and the members who needed the training most were too embarrassed to show up. In the end, according to published reports, only one freshman member together with a number of staffers attended.

Personally, I think a mock training session was a good idea. Waiting almost six months into the term was not. The Council through home rule messages coordinates a great deal with the state legislature. The January through June period — which coincides with the state legislative session and of course both the state and city budgets — is the most important part of the calendar for the Council.

I guess everyone from the mayor on down at City Hall is getting their sea legs. I just hope none of us drown in the process.

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