Courting local food-lovers on Bath Avenue

Sometimes, a name says it all. On July 17, new Brooklyn eatery Sooo Delicious Food Court, 1801 Bath Avenue, celebrated its opening during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“The ribbon cutting was beautiful,” said Sam Obeid of Sooo Delicious. “We had a lot more people come than what we expected. It was very good crowd.” Among those in attendance were customers, family, friends and members of the NYPD.

The Bath Avenue food court offers a wide variety of mouth-watering choices, such as pizza, tons of sweets, breakfast and sandwiches.

Although it’s early for the establishment, business has already been successful according to Obeid. “The customers love it. Everybody’s been happy.”

Obeid, who owns a Key Food grocery store across the street from the new eatery, is no stranger to the area. “I’ve in the neighborhood for 30 years,” he said. “I didn’t have too much room in Key Food.” To extend his food business, he looked no further than across the street.

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