Hundreds attend International Day of Friendship at Borough Hall

Brooklyn celebrated its massive diversity at Borough Hall on Sunday, August 3 during the borough’s first International Day of Friendship. Borough President Eric Adams organized the event which included a Unity Parade of Flags, cultural performances, giveaways and continental cuisine. On July 30, Adams announced plans for the event to much fanfare, also at Brooklyn Borough Hall. People from all walks of life attended the announcement to show off their culture pride.

“I got to move around Brooklyn, I went to Sunset Park and saw it had the largest Chinese community and the largest Hispanic community. I went to Crown Heights and saw it had the largest population of the Caribbean diaspora,” said Adams. “I went to Coney Island and saw it had the largest Russian community. I went to Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights and saw they had the largest Irish and Italian communities, and so I think there’s something special about this borough called Brooklyn.”

The hundreds that attended the family-friendly event embraced dozens of different cultures. The parade consisted of attendees marching while holding their native flag. Attendees also donned clothing that represented each individual’s rich culture and religion.

“I think that many people in Brooklyn don’t realize that their neighbors are part of a greater culture that I call the Brooklyn Fusion,” said the beep. “When I was running for Borough President, I thought that, ‘When I get elected, I’m going to sit down with my Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna, and we’ll find a way to bring all Brooklyn together under one theme and under one banner: under One Brooklyn.

“One Brooklyn is not saying that we want to be in first place. One Brooklyn is saying that no matter what house of worship you go to or faith you’re part of, no matter what your country of origin is, no matter if you prefer eating a roti or sitting in a sukkah, no matter what happens in the borough we’re all here together as one borough and One Brooklyn and so we’re here to show it today,” he went on.

Towards the end of the free celebration, the participants joined hands in a moment of solidarity. The day was deemed such a success that Adams plans to not only hold it next year, but make it an annual event.

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