Muffin’s Pet Connection: Goodbye Procter & Gamble; Meet Donny and Marie

MEEEOW MEEEOW…”HEY JUDE, DONNY and MARIE, need a home. They are11 months old, neutered and spayed, vaccinated, tested negative and are in great health.

“A big boy already, Donny is going to be a giant, long cat with jet black tabby stripes on a white coat. He is very happy and babyish, loves to lie across your chest and look straight into your eyes. He has a magnificent face – is extraordinarily handsome, a real looker“Marie, the black and white tuxedo, will be half his size. She is a smarty cat, if there ever was one, and will make you smile with delight. They are gorgeous and bonded since birth, and are going strong as best friends and playmates.

“Found by the railroad track as kittens, they were rescued. She was one of only two of our many foster cats who can figure out how to make a cat door at the cat enclosure work. She goes in and out of that secure area, day and night. She is independent and does not want to go on your lap or be picked up – yet. However, she purr-purr-purrs when petted. Both cats are still ‘middle school kids’ and are very active and still growing. Anyway, they are adorable, loving, healthy older kittens, who are going to be the apple of someone’s eye.

“We require a stable, financially secure, conscientious, loving home, where the intent is keeping these cats for the duration of their lives. References, a home visit and an application are required. There is no adoption fee. We feel that a responsible home is what matters. Email us and we will respond with an application and answer any questions you might have.” — Martha (646-209-4429; Thanks! NEW YORK CITY FERAL CAT INITATIVE


PET FOOD ALERTS: Procter & Gambleis dropping out of the pet food business. It is selling its three major pet food brands to Mars, the leader in the $74.5 billion global pet food market, for $2.9 billion, unlocking a cash flow to add to research and innovation markets.

Blue Buffalo last year counted $1 billion in sales, making it America’s fastest-growing major supplier of cat and dog and food specializing in the all-natural kibble niche.


DID U KNOW???…Black cats and dogs are invisible in shelters and killed at higher rates than pets of other colors. Please do not overlook them.They need a friend, they need a home, they need you to follow your heart and adopt them! Siam was my shiny black cat, who shared 20 years of her life with me. Please, do not allow the color of a cat to stop an adoption.

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