Muffin’s Pet Connection: Meet Licorice, Dyker and Coco

Please open your hearts and homes to any one of these heroic special needs kitties. Contact ITTYBITTYKITTY, BROOKLYN @ 917-889-5896. Each one overcame life-threatening challenges.

Hi, I am Licorice“I have an abscess on my foot. In excruciating pain, I cried for my human mommy, hoping she would hear me. For days my cries went unheard. But a nice man rescued me, bringing me to Bay Ridge. I went to the veterinarian who found I needed surgery to remove the abscess, and repair my foot. If the infection is in my bones, I may have to have my paw amputated.

“I am sporting this cool blue bandage. I am in terrible pain, and take pain meds to help me cope.Despite my pain, I am a super friendly fella, who wants to be cuddled – in a forever loving home. Maybe, you will give me a home?…

Purrz, I am Coco“The store owners used me as a mouser, and did not take good care me. I got pregnant, testing positive for FIV, Leukemia. Happily, all of my kittens have been adopted. Sadly, I am overlooked, due to the fact that I am FIV positive. FIV is a cat-only virus, and can not be transferred to humans or any other animals.

“An FIV-positive cat needs to live inside and eat high-quality cat food. Deep bites from serious fights can pass the FIV virus from cat to cat. I am a spayed, warm-hearted kitty. I am great with people, cozy up, play, and love to cuddle and follow you around. Please come and meet me – you will l see that I am the most purrfect addition to your family…

Hello, my name is Dyker because I was found in sub-zero weather, near death, in Dyker Heights, several months ago. I was really sick. I have been diagnosed with polyps in my nasal passage plus a cleft palate.

“I need the correction of my third eyelid. Without surgery, I cannot get better. I am a super friendly kitty. I would have died on the streets without medical attention. I am the nicest kitty ever. After my surgery, I need to be adopted by a loving family…

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