Street Talk: Have you or would you talk the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

I haven’t done it. I’ve considered doing it but I don’t think I would. Instead of dumping water, people should just donate the money.

Alan M.
Bay Ridge
No, I wouldn’t do it. I don’t see how it helps people. Just send the money.

Alex M.
Bay Ridge
I actually did it recently. It was pretty cool because it shows support for a great cause. It was cold and refreshing, but it’s a good thing.

Thomas D.
Bay Ridge
I don’t think that there’s any point to it. Instead of nominating friends, just donate. I don’t think people know any more about ALS because of it.

Jonathan M.
Bay Ridge
I haven’t done it but I think people do it for fun and to promote the charity. The main purpose is to raise money so I think it’s a good thing.
Angel B.
Bay Ridge
I have done it. It’s a great way to raise awareness. It gets people to donate and it’s good that big names and celebrities are doing it too.

Anthony P.
Bay Ridge
I think it’s been a beneficial thing. It’s bringing awareness and the number of donations have gone up since the challenge. It’s a good thing.

Charlotte K.
Bay Ridge

No I haven’t done it. It’s to raise awareness but I don’t know how it helps.

Matthew W.
Bay Ridge

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