Life-saving cops honored by state senator

It was cause for celebration on Thursday, August 28 as State Senator Marty Golden took to Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct to honor officers he called “heroes living among us.”

“These police officers at the 62 have done an outstanding job in the last couple of weeks, and they’ve saved lives,” said the senator, awarding Police Officers Alex Knjewski, Thomas Silla, Eric Smith, Edward Nogol and Elias Khan and Sergeant Michael Dario for their hand in three life-saving incidents in the month of August.

“With everything going on across the city, there’s been a lot of negativity towards the Police Department and we’re not hearing about the positive things that are being done,” stressed Golden, before handing the spotlight over to the honorees as well as 62nd Precinct Captain Bill Taylor.

“This is the first precinct I’ve ever commanded and I’m impressed by the hard work that these guys do every day,” said Taylor, stressing that his precinct takes an interest in enforcement and making the right call. “These officers and their colleagues are making a big impact in the decrease in crime in this precinct.”

Officers Smith and Nogol were awarded certificates of achievement for their quick save of a young woman choking at the Santa Rosalia feast and officers Khan and Dario as well as Knjewski and Silla for their quick saves of two young children, both choking.

“We were just doing our jobs,” said a humbled Dario. “We were at the right place at the right time.”

According to Golden, Dario was right.

“For all of these incidents, another couple of minutes may have been too late,” said the former police officer.

“I am very, very proud to be their commanding officer,” added Taylor.

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