Putting their best feet forward for Pietro’s Fight

Saturday, September 20 will be the day of Pietro’s Fight to the Finish Line—the Second Heat 5K Run.

Pietro Scarso, now five years old, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at the age of three. DMD is a vicious disease that slowly deteriorates the body’s muscles. It is most common in boys.

Since their son’s diagnosis, Dayna and Manni Scarso have been fighting to raise awareness and funds to find a cure.

“We started [Pietro’s Fight] when he was three so this is our second full year of fundraising,” said Dayna. “We try to hold quarterly events to raise awareness and funds,” she continued.

The run begins at the 69th Street Pier and goes along the Belt Parkway. Refreshments, face painting and a DJ will also be present at the run.

Last year, the 5K run was a huge success, “drawing over 400 people on a beautiful September day,” said Dayna.

Already over 150 people, adults and children, have pre-registered for the run, and 15 local families and businesses have donated time and money to make the run a reality.

“The incredible amount of support we get is absolutely mind-boggling,” said Dayna. “We’re blown away by the support we receive from everybody,” she went on.

When asked about the foundation’s most successful event, Dayna did not hesitate to say the March event that is held at the El Caribe Country Club.

The dinner dance alone raised $200,000 last year and sold out to 600 people.
“We’re just hoping for a beautiful, sunny day, to raise awareness for a few more people and to raise funds,” concluded Dayna.

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