Broncos and 49ers tangle in Parkville action


PYO 49er’s 20 vs PYO Broncos 0

Some might say that the unseasonal weather played a negative part in Parkville’s 2014 Opening Day Full Tackle Football Game. The PYO Broncos seemed to be dominated by the 49ers with a 20-zip final score. But a close look at the game tells a different story.

The 49ers seized the lead by drawing first blood when quarterback Gianfranco “Flash” Poppalarsi hit Jason “Wolf Man” Perlstein with a spiral that was cashed in for six points. Poppalarsi picked up the extra point and put the 49ers on top 7 – 0.

Now, the game changed its momentum and tells a different story than the final score. There was no score in the second and third quarters. That’s when both teams dug in and refused to yield.

John “Bull Dog” Von Weken, center for the 49ers, planted his stake and no one got by him. It took plenty of courage to go up against Matthew “Sure Thing” Sciarrone and Stephen “Boone Crusher” Sottile on the Broncos’ line. These guys were awesome, pushing back everything the 49ers threw at them.

The 40ers’ line sported plenty of speed and muscle, and they demonstrated their skills by keeping the Broncos off the scoreboard. Justin “Ice Man” Doyle is a good example of the 49ers’ prowess.

Doyle seems to be a major force that every team in the division will have to overcome. Dylan “Dead End” Salas and Andrew Diaz were outstanding, fighting tooth and nail to hold the Broncos down.

The defensive battle ended late in the fourth quarter when the 49ers hit the boards again. Then “Flash” Poppalarsi fired a bullet pass to Hassan Farraj for the third touchdown of the game. Jadin Goodman went into pay dirt for the extra point.

The game ended 20-0, 49ers. Some other players worthy of mentioning in this confrontation were Alphonso Russo, James Farrel and Nicholas “Lion Heart” Mendez of the 49ers. Members of the Broncos that gave no quarter were Julio Felix, Kellan Cohill and Sean Asaeda.

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