Raiders trump Giants in PYO action

PYO Raiders 32 vs Giants 6

It was a gloomy day for the Parkville Youth Organization Giants being pounced on by the PYO Raiders in their season opener. Both teams hit the gridiron with heightened enthusiasm but it was the Raiders that reached golden soil first.

With seven points on the Raiders’ side of the scoreboard, the Giants turned the game into a defensive battle. Mauricio “Meat Grinder” Cortez was part of the Giants’ meat and potato force with teammate Jake Roth who set the example for courage and determination.

Unfortunately, it was the Raiders’ day in the sun and they were uncontrollable in the second quarter. Derek Hernandez took to the air and hit Jacob Gil with a touchdown pass then ran into pay dirt for the point after. It was 14 to zip and the Raiders were still hot to trot. Tylor “TNT” Martinez connected with Charles Corbin with a cool touchdown pass, bringing their tally to 19.

The Raiders sported some of the division’s most fierce players like Daniel “Bone Breaker” Dasaro and John “Pit Bull” Martinez. They put their honor and determination on the line and refused to relinquish an inch of Parkville soil.

In the third quarter, they put the hurt on the Giants, keeping them off the boards with guts and muscle. Vincent “The Enforcer” Degatto and Smok’n’ Angelo Gonzales of the Giants responded with equal determination and the battle rage was in full fury.

The Raiders’ Martinez put the final nail in the Giants’ coffin with a quarterback keeper and a powerful run through tackles and blockers of the Raider defense. The Raiders were ahead 32 to 0 and all that was left was the glory of a shut-out.

But, Giant team pride and Douglas Knapp were not counted on by the Raider defense. Knapp ripped through the Raider line and charged for sacred ground for the touchdown with seconds on the clock. The final score was 32-6, Raiders.

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