Informative event on diet and nutrition held at Coney Island Hospital

The importance of eating healthy was on the agenda earlier this fall, during an informative forum on diet and nutrition.

The event was presented by Coney Island Hospital, at the Kings Bay Y, an organization ‘that attempts to address the needs of diverse constituents, including families and individuals of all ages and ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds’ according to the group’s website.

“It went very well and was successful event,” said Arthur Melnick of the Independent Committee for Southern Brooklyn (ICSB), the event organizer. “We had a good turnout. The attendance was up there and it was very informative and beneficial to those who attended.

“What we do as a committee is try to bring services into areas that tend to be underserved. We work with Coney Island Hospital and other organizations,” he added. “We intend to bring other services throughout the area when we find the space.”

Besides getting important health information, attendees also left with free gifts such as pens and pamphlets on how to stay healthy.

The day included lectures. “We had a nutritionist and the head of marketing on hand to talk with the people as a group, along with a Russian translation,” he said. “They then went to various tables and talked to them individually.”

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